For over 20 years I've been teaching people the social, emotional, and mental attitudes and skills most highly associated with success in life, work, and relationships

Katharine Leslie, PhD.

In these blogs we discuss politics, women's issues, and relationships in a civilized, informed, and rational manner



I'm an original, just like you.

I have a PhD in developmental psychology from NCSU, and certifications in adult learning, mediation, resiliency, neuroscience, sport and academic performance, and leadership. I spent the first 2/3 of my career educating child welfare professionals and parents on childhood trauma. I wrote dozens of curricula for local and national organizations. And I wrote a couple of books on the developmental process of attachment, and parenting an attachment disordered child. I've also written several children's books, all of which you can find here.


As a performance coach and trainer, I worked with military personnel, corporate and non-profit workforces, and executives. Now I primarily coach individuals seeking self-improvement. I am gratified to see people realize their potential, laugh more, stress less, show greater self-control in their relationships and in the workplace, and be happier with their lives and with those they love. To request coaching or training contact me here.  And check me out on my radio show "the doc is in the house" at 94.7  The Link, on Thursdays from 1-3.


I have been lovingly married for 33 years and raised 4 children. I am a certified yoga instructor, I'm addicted to pickleball and home remodeling. I am known for my smile, joyous personality, and ability to bring clarity to any situation.