Announcing my involvement

I've decided to become involved in the next presidential election with the intent to sway voters not to re-elect President Trump. And here's why... In the last election many voters decided that it would be a good idea to vote into office someone totally different from our past politician type presidents. To shake up the status quo. I get that. I didn't vote for Trump but I understood the desire to want things to be different, to experiment. As a PhD with experience in experimental design and statistics I can say with great confidence, this experiment failed.

That's not to say we shouldn't elect extraordinary people with no political experience into office. But I think this is why this particular experiment failed. The independent variable (Donald Trump) was not, and is not, extraordinary. He is different, but not extraordinary in the ways that we would like our president to be: an extraordinary intellect, an extraordinary communicator, an extraordinary character. You get the picture. Sometimes it's worth replicating an experiment because we might have missed something in the first one. But in this case the meta-analysis is clear, we didn't miss anything. It's over; no need to do it again.


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