How would a child define "safe and secure?"

What constitutes "safe and secure" to a child? Safe defined is: protected from or not exposed to danger or risk. Secure defined is: to fix or attach so as not to be moved or lost. Hmmm?

Children aren't safe just because some adult, who they don't know is looking over them. As a matter of fact children know that they are unsafe in this situation. Children know safety when they see their caregivers' calm faces and relaxed bodies. Facial expressions and bio-rhythms of the caregiver are their safety cues. Furthermore, a child isn't secure if she cannot check in and out of her primary caregiver's embrace. To feel secure a child must be fixed /attached to a primary caregiver, the one who they know from experience will provide for them, the one the child has chosen over all others. It is a physical experience. Parents know this instinctively, which is why we panic if our child let's go of our hand. So, children don't need soap and toothbrushes to feel safe and secure, what they do need is their parents. Because safe and secure is an emotional construct for the child centered on their relationships with their parental figures, not a building with locks, or guards in uniform.

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