Little steps for womankind

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

I graduated high school in 1974. I was 17 and it was a brave new world for women. In the 70s women were given the right to have their own credit card, they could file a sexual harassment complaint, they could legally get an abortion, they could get a divorce without proof of infidelity, and their husbands were no longer legally allowed to rape them. Big steps, right? Well, it's now 45 years later and women are still trying to prove our legal and moral right to equality and safety. I have a small suggestion. Ladies, do your homework before jumping on "tradition" bandwagons. Just because it exists doesn't mean it should be. One example: changing your name when you get married. You may think this is a romantic or even convenient tradition but it is steeped in repression, abuse and inequality. And on a subtle, but insidious manner it perpetuates the idea that women belong/are owned by men.

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