Thank a man

After 25 years working in the field of child welfare I learned that sexually abused children tend to have poor long-term outcomes and often struggle in many aspects of adult life. This kind of abuse damages the heart the mind and the body, perhaps permanently. Given that Father's day is coming up I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the men in my life who did not sexually abuse me. First, thank you to my dad who's no longer with us. I did thank him when he was alive. He thought that was weird but I didn't care. Second, I'd like to thank my amazing husband Steve; my best friend and greatest admirer for 33 years. He never abused me, never abused our children, never abused any of the children we fostered or provided respite care to, who never abused any of his siblings or his cousins even though there was a history of sexual abuse in his family. And finally, I'd like to give a shout out to my two wonderful brothers George and David Leslie who have been amazing husbands and fathers and who have never abused anybody.

Maybe if you're not sure what to give your dad this year for Father's day you'll join me in thanking the men in our lives who didn't hurt us.

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